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You wanted a cheap Galaxy S III, a cheap Android tablet and cheap business class tickets. Honestly, I'm sensing a theme here. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Who Has The Best Galaxy S III Deal In Australia?
    Samsung’s long-awaited Galaxy S III got its official launch today. All three major Australian carriers — Optus (and its Virgin subsidiary), Telstra and Vodafone — are selling it from lunchtime today, but who has the best deal for you? We’ve rounded them all up here.
  2. How To Buy Business Class Tickets Without Breaking The Bank
    Business class travel doesn’t have to cost the earth if you use a few simple strategies and do some planning. Here’s how to get to the pointy end without spending an absolute fortune.
  3. Dealhacker: Australia’s Cheapest Android Tablets
    Kogan’s announcement of a sub-$200 Ice Cream Sandwich Android tablet adds to what’s already a very competitive market. Just how cheaply can you score a basic Android tablet? Here are five of the cheapest current “bargains”.
  4. Top 10 Ways To Make The Most Of Airport Lounges
    Airport lounge access maximises your productivity and relaxation opportunities at the airport. Here are our top tips to get the most from the experience.
  5. How To Put Your Money To Work For You: Beyond The Basics
    Some people have serious financial problems, but that’s not you, right?. You’ve got a regular savings account, have cleaned up your high-interest debts, have all your super funds consolidated, and all-around are in pretty good financial shape. So where do you go from here? What’s the next step for those of us who know the basics but want to make our money work harder?
  6. 6 Great, Lesser-Known Features In Android 4.0
    The new, highly polished version of Android is finally reaching the masses, and it has some awesome new features in tow — like facial recognition, Android Beam, data tracking. But what about the ones Google hasn’t been talking about? Here are our six favourite features in Ice Cream Sandwich that are worth upgrading for.
  7. Learn The Dumb Photography Mistakes You’re Making In Under 15 Minutes
    Photography is a lot of fun, but there are plenty of mistakes to be made — some of which can even cost you a bit of money. The folks over at DigitalRev, a photo-loving community and camera shop, have put together a short video that quickly points out several errors you’re probably making and teaches you a few tips as well.
  8. Kogan Goes Sub-$200 With Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablet
    Kogan’s previous excursions into bargain Android tablets have had mixed results, but this could be an interesting deal if the specs stay consistent: a 10-inch tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, selling at $179 for an 8GB model or $199 for a 16GB version.
  9. This Is How You Should Secure Your iPhone
    Your iPhone features a simple passcode functionality that secures the device by requiring a four-digit PIN (by default) to unlock your phone. But a four-digit PIN isn’t the most secure. To address this, Apple allows you to enter a longer, more secure alphanumeric password, but compared to the considerably easier-to-tap numeric keyboard, the alphanumeric keyboard is a pain to type into every time you unlock. Fortunately, Apple built in a simple compromise.
  10. Want The Quietest PC? It’s All About The Chip
    Hate noisy PCs? So does Joe Golton, who set out with $600 to see if an ordinary person with no technical know-how can buy an off-the-shelf system that’s also very quiet. Here’s what he learnt.


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