Dealhacker: Cheap iPads, Galaxy SIIIs, Kindles At Catch Of The Day Flash Sale

Catch Of The Day (COTD) is holding one of its periodic 'Flash sales' at 11am today. There are some tempting potential offers — $399 for the Galaxy S III, $299 for a 16Gb third-generation iPad, $39 for a basic Kindle — but as usual, most buyers are going to be disappointed!

Catch Of The Day is basing the sale on Facebook 'likes'; the six offers which get the most'likes will be made live at 11am this morning. Based on current voting, the three deals above will get the nod, along with a $20 500GB WD hard drive, a $229 Nexus 7 tablet and a $299 Canon EOS twin lens kit.

Previous experience suggests that COTD only has extremely limited quantities of the most heavily-discounted items. Site performance can also be slow when thousands of people hit it simultaneously seeking bargains. If you are tempted, make sure you have a COTD account — and if the deal you want isn't available, don't be suckered into buying something else.

Catch Of The Day [via OzBargain]


    Please don't give COTD any publicity. They are shocking!

    Yeah - I tend to think that promotions like this really should (legally) have to put stock levels next to them. There's probably all of 5 iPads - I stopped bothering with the flash sales a long time ago.

    I frequently buy stuff through them, not on these flash sales, but sometimes you can get decent bargains. I got my Leatherman Skeletool for $30 or something a couple of months ago, cheapest I can get off Ebay etc was $60.
    Buyer beware I guess, as some things are cheaper elsewhere, and limited quantities makes it hard to get what you want, but its a free service to use, so stop complaining about low stock levels just because you missed out on a good deal, you lost nothing to try and and buy it.

      agreed i get great deals from them all the time never had an issue in any of the process, i have attempted to buy from a flash sale before and the complaints are right, low stock high demand equals pages that dont load and terrible likely hood of success but at the end of the day they tell you stock is limited, its part fo their marketing strategy and its all free, if you dont wanna play the game pay double for the thing of ebay

    I've made successful purchases at the pop up sales before. They make it very clear that stock is limited (and at those prices, for a good reason). Just go into it knowing what you want, and treating it as a competition to win a large discount on an item, with no guarantee of winning.

    Also, I love going on the facebook page and reading all of the complaints about legality, ACCC, Fair Trading, etc.

    I hear the point of not complaining, but I think it's not right to offer such deals if you only have a stupidly small amount of stock, with the only aim of publicity. You either offer a limited but reasonable amount of stock or not do it at all.

    I think it's bad practise anyway and gets more annoying than anything else.

    How many nerds are sitting nervously in front of their computers right now, mouse fingers atwitching?

    Flash sales are useless for country people as our internet is way too slow to get anything.
    As usual people in the cities get the best deals while country folk get discriminated against

      Yes.... this is discrimination against country folk.... Kleenex?

      Wah wah wah. Everything is a tradeoff buddy . We may have faster internet in the city but we have traffic, noise, retards and lack of space. You can't have it all, there isn't some great conspiracy against country people, if you really wanted cheap crap, move to America or China.. seriously.

    Isn't this bait advertising?

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