How To Get Your Letters And Numbers Fix

I was horrified to hear that SBS is axing its nightly game show Letters And Numbers, having been a contestant early in the show’s run. But even if you can’t watch Richard Morecroft, Lily Serna and David Astle, it’s still easy to keep your brain active by playing online.

SBS is replacing Letters And Numbers with its UK equivalent, Countdown (which is inevitably going to lead to a lot of Molly Meldrum jokes). If you don’t want the change of pace the UK version offers (it includes a bonus “celebrity” as well), then playing online is your best bet.

My site of choice for this is Crossword Tools, which has an excellent replica of both the letters and numbers game. It also offers a solver for both versions, so if you can’t crack the numbers game, the computer can do it for you and make you feel inadequate. I’ll have two large and four small, thanks.


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