The Four-By-Four Android Home Screen

The Four-By-Four Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader brandedman organised his home screen around 16 shortcuts — four per screen — along with a clean and unified look to tie it all together.

This nice clean interface puts my most-used apps at my fingertips. I use ADWLauncher EX and the Metrostation icon pack for the icons. Using Minimalistic Text, I created the text label that goes next to each shortcut, and tapping on it takes you to the same app that the icon would.

The home screen works really well with the “notification bar hidden” option of ADW and uses ADWNotifier to place notifications over the icon for specific apps like Facebook, Email or Messaging.

For the weather and battery icons, I use Simi Clock to create the graphic and Minimalistic Text to display the information beside it.


  • i really enjoy seeing others phone setups…but i have a challenge for Lifehacker – an android phone setup every day for a week which DOESN’T include Simi Clock or Minimalistic Text because, seriously, i don’t recall ever having seen you highlight a setup without these uberboring apps…what is the point of having a highly customisable interface if you are going to strip it of all colour, customisation and individuality? yes, all tastes are different, blah blah blah, so SHOW different tastes, don’t just stick to minimalism (or beigeism, as i call it)

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