The Holo Cards Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Thand shows off his clean home screen inspired by the popular Holo Light interface. It features lots of widgets and a bright, colourful aesthetic.

To put this together, you'll need the following tools:


    "Available here" hyperlink doesn't work

      Last link is broken because, as usual, it's blatantly republished crap from the US LifeHacker feed. This is what editors are supposedly paid for.

    The last link is broken.
    Also, do you need to root your phone to put any of this on it?

      Changing the font requires root access. Everything else does not and would take a total of 15 to 30 mins to do. They are just repeated wallpapers and icons plus widgets.

    I really like this home-screen, I wish you can give us a step by step guide to apply this

      Agreed (or more accurately I would consider getting an Android if it was easy enough to make it look like this) there a video tutorial and text tutorial except video is better

    Check these links, including an additional dark version:

    Oh! I like this one. Maybe with a greenish background - but clean simplicity is really the sort of thing I like!

    Thanks for the inspiration Thand!

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