The Command Centre Workspace

Today's featured workspace places the desk with multiple monitors front and centre in the home office. From this central location, everything is within view and reach of IBM engineer and entrepreneur Daniel Heth Moran.

The space has a lot of interesting features, including a security surveillance monitor on one wall, an indie overhead LED lighting rig, separate Mac station on the left, and a two-fan system to keep all the servers and systems cool.

You can read all the details of this high-tech workspace at Daniel's blog or view more photos on his Flickr photostream.

Office v4.0 [Daniel Heth's Blog]


    Jealous, I am, of this setup -- although for ease of access without rolling my chair around, I think I would have had the monitors facing the inside of the curved desk, and I'd sit on that side instead of the side that required lots of rolling from monitor to monitor.

      I think thats just the way they have taken the photo. The back wall curves in the same way. You'll probably find that this desk is straight.

      I think you need a coffee and an earlier bed time...

    My guess is that it is a straight edged desk, and the curved appearance is due to the wide-angled lens used to take the photo. That said a concave curved desk on the seat side would make the even more awesome!

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