The Workspace Built Into The Stairs

The Workspace Built Into The Stairs

If you don’t have room for a separate office, you might be able to reclaim the unused space under a staircase, as this elegant, built-in workspace does. Designed by Sage Design Studio in Canada, this compact workspace fits in beautifully with the rest of the house, thanks to the simple colour scheme and custom cabinetry.

If you’re handy at home improvements, you could create a similar workspace (or hire someone to build it for you). And, as we’ve seen before, you don’t even have to go for the built-in look to make use of the space under the stairs for your own home office.

Private Residence, Royal York II, Toronto [Sage Design Studio]


  • OK, now I just need a staircase. To celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of DNA, I’d like a double-helix staircase.
    France’s King Louis [whatever] had one, so he could sneak off to the chambermaids bedrooms without going past the door of his wife. Made from stone, there were windows facing into a hollow column. Just the spot for a home office [or maybe a fireman’s pole].

  • Really neat article!
    I’ve been trying for months to come up with an an idea as to how to best utilize the space under the stairs. Great idea; thanks.

    p.s.: your spell-checker needs fixing. It doesn’t know how to spell ‘realize’, ‘utilize’, ‘color’…

    (If we Yanks hadn’t won that war, we’d be speaking–and spelling–English)

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