Swipe Safari Adds Configurable Gestures To iOS Safari

iOS: (Jailbroken): The mobile version of Safari doesn’t have the same handy swipe gestures as its desktop counterpart. Swipe Safari adds those gestures to your iPhone or iPad and allows you to customise your gestures in a variety of ways.

Swipe Safari has a bunch of gesture to choose from and customise. You can swipe a finger to move back and forth between pages, use two fingers to change tabs, or assign gestures to different tasks. Additionally, Swipe Safari adds in unlimited tabs, a pull-to-refresh option, and a full-screen mode.

If you’ve been itching to use the same handy gestures for web browsing you use on Mac’s trackpad on your iPhone, Swipe Safari should satisfy that itch. You can find Swipe Safari in the Big Boss Repository for $US1.50. If you’d prefer an entirely different browser with some of these same gestures, non-jailbroken users might want to check out our pick for best iOS browser, Atomic Web Browser.

Swipe Safari [Big Boss Repository via iDownloadBlog]


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