Use Gestures To Go Backwards And Forwards In Chrome For iOS

Jailbreak (iOS): Chrome on iOS is a nice alternative to Safari, especially if you purchase Nitrous, which allows Google's browser to use Apple's Nitro engine for JavaScript. Still, it'd be even better if you could use gestures to go backwards and forwards through pages, rather than switching between tabs. Fortunately, a new tweak is available via Cydia that does just that.

Having recently picked up a retina iPad Mini, having to constantly tap the small back arrow in Chrome's top-left corner quickly grows annoying. "browserswipe", a tweak released last week via the BigBoss repo, lets you use a swipe from the left to go back and a right one to go forwards. It takes a little getting used to, but I found if you start with your finger / thumb off the screen and then swipe in the desired direction, it works flawlessly every time.

Despite being a simple change, the tweak will set you back $US0.99 if you buy it from Cydia, however, the author has an open-source alternative called "chromeswipeback", so if you don't mind installing it yourself using a program such as iFile, you can grab the latest deb from its GitHub repository.

browserswipe [BigBoss] chromeswipeback [GitHub]


    I love touch internet explorer :). Such a good little browser these days, and had had these features for a long time.

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