Replace Your Cabinet Kickplate With Drawers To Increase Storage Space

Replace Your Cabinet Kickplate With Drawers To Increase Storage Space

Live in an extremely small house or apartment and looking to increase your storage space? Tiny house dweller Tammy Strobel developed several innovative “hidden in plain sight” storage areas for her 12sqm home, including small drawers under her kitchen cabinets where most people normally just install a kickplate.

The drawers don’t store an incredible amount; maybe two reams of paper side-by-side. In their tiny home it serves as an electronics cord and hardware “junk” drawer. Little storage areas like this not only increase the total storage capacity, but they also keep clutter down — an especially important consideration in a tiny house.

No instructions are posted on Tammy’s weblog Rowdy Kittens, but just about any standard kitchen cabinet drawer instructions should work that don’t require extra height for the drawer hardware. This DIY project is definitely not for everyone, but if you live in a studio apartment or a tiny house, it might be up your alley.

Secret Storage Spaces in My Tiny House [Rowdy Kittens]


  • All the major kitchen fittings manufacturers offer these as options, if you don’t want to go DYI. it’s just that most people don’t bother with them.

  • Well being the architect and computer major that I am, I would be more likely to put something like this in a house when remodeling the kitchen, and installing “bump” switches and have the drawers pop out when kicked, or taped with a shoe in just the right spot, then you don’t have to crawl around on the floor. Or if I wanted it to be hidden, just install an inset switch in the drawer above the hidden one, so when you open the drawer on the top, reach in and press up, the hidden drawer will pop open for you.

  • I’ve read about this idea! I would be interested to know what the additional costs to carpentry would be if we asked our builders to input these extra little storage drawers in the kitchen! It seems like an easy enough solution to maximise the space you have right?

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