How to Hide the Fact That Your Cat Poops in a Box in Your House

How to Hide the Fact That Your Cat Poops in a Box in Your House

Cats make every home better — this is an undeniable fact. But with every cat comes an unsightly litter box (or two), and the age-old conundrum of where to store it. Sure, you can buy a piece of furniture, like this “storage bench,” that is specifically meant to hide a litter box away and provide your favourite feline with a little privacy — or you can save your money and disguise it with one of these easy and clever DIY methods instead.

Repurpose a cabinet

Similar to the aforementioned storage bench, this suggestion, from the Homebody House, has us repurposing a cabinet. Install a cat door on the side of an empty cabinet, place the litter box inside on the bottom shelf, and use the top shelf for supplies like scoops, extra litter, and plastic bags. When you need to clean the box, simply open the front door for easy access.

You could also install a cat door in an old wardrobe, a chest of drawers, or any other space that has enough room for the box and an access point for cleaning.

Install curtains on a side table

If installing a cat door in a piece of old furniture isn’t your style, you could hide the litter box behind curtains instead. This suggestion — from Dimples and Tangles — is to install curtains to a side table using hot glue, and place the litter box underneath. Or there may be another space in your home where the curtain method would be useful, such as under a bathroom or kitchen sink.

Use a plastic storage bin to create a high-walled litter box

Kristi Linauer from Addicted 2 Decorating created her own makeshift high-walled litter box with a plastic storage bin and a jigsaw. She cut away an access door for her cats, sanded down the edges, and hid it away in cabinet. The high walls of this DIY litter box offer the added benefit of less litter being flung about as the cats take care of their business.

Repurpose a rattan chest

This suggestion, from Laura Birek at Nocturnal Knits, is to repurpose an IKEA rattan chest into an enclosed litter box. You’ll need a wire cutter to cut a cat door into the side of the chest, and then simply place the box inside.

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