Build Your Kids A LEGO Table With Storage Drawers 

Build Your Kids A LEGO Table With Storage Drawers 

If you have kids who love LEGO, you’ve probably shouted in pain after stepping on LEGO bricks. Those things get everywhere. Here’s a DIY solution from The Handyman’s Daughter. Using an IKEA Lack side table, a Trofast bin and some baseplates, you can create a play table with a drawer to keep the pieces contained.

The Handyman’s Daughter/YouTube

For the ultimate LEGO play space, make a few tables and attach them using industrial-strength Velcro (an important component as tiny bricks can get trapped in the gaps). Now your kids are ready to build a rocket or ice cream shop or Eiffel Tower – and easily clean up once they’re done.

Check out the video below and see the full instructions here.

LEGO Play Table With Drawer Storage [The Handyman’s Daughter]


  • Those Ikea tables are already low before you add a drawer beneath them. The kid’s knees are not going to fit beneath the table when they sit and play Lego.

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