Add Extra Storage To Your Kitchen With Under-Cabinet Drawers

Add Extra Storage to Your Kitchen with Some Under-Cabinet Drawers

Kitchen storage is always at a premium, which means we should be maximising cabinet space as much as possible. The Family Handyman has a great guide on how to build custom toe-kick drawers for extra storage along the floor.

This is definitely a more advanced weekend project, but the result is really worth the effort. You just need to remove the wood in the "toe kick" below your cabinets and build drawers to fit. The Family Handyman has some plans to help you along the way. With a little elbow grease, you'll have a few shallow drawers perfect for baking sheets, cutting boards and other flat tools. Hit the link for the full guide.

How to Build Under-Cabinet Drawers & Increase Kitchen Storage [The Family Handyman]


    I should think that most built-in cabinetry in the house will already make the most of the space that it's built upon and rightly so! You don't want things creeping underneath your crockery and dinnerware do you?

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