Pomodoro For iPhone Is A Simple, Flexible Pomodoro Timer

iOS: If you're still on the hunt for the perfect Pomodoro app to keep you on-task and productive while you work, Pomodoro for iPhone is a simple app that gets the job done and gives you the flexibility to customise how long your Pomodoros and breaks are. As you work, the app keeps track of how many Pomodoros you go through, and you can always look back to see when you're most productive and how productive you've been.

Pomodoro is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store, which is a bit cheaper than previously mentioned PomodoroPro. We like PomodoroPro's interface a bit more than Pomodoro's, but if function matters more to you than form, Pomodoro allows you to add and track individual tasks inside of the app, set independent timers so you can just tap start and get working, and customise the alarms, notifications, or even push notifications at the end of each session. Finally, you can look back to see which days were your most productive and how many pomodoros you finished on those days.

Do you have a favourite Pomodoro timer for the iPhone? Android users can check out the previously mentioned Pomodroido for an alternative, but do you know of a better one? Share a link in the comments below.

Pomodoro [iTunes App Store]


    The underlying philosophy for the Pomodoro technique embraces two things:
    • simplicity – at its core, it's just a kitchen timer on your desk with no extra functions to distract you; and
    • physicality – you manually wind that kitchen timer, a physical process that helps the transition into a focused state.

    To that end, you really can't go past Pomodoro Timer
    This app retains the simplicity of the Pomodoro technique and the interface gets about as close as you can to mimicking the process of winding a kitchen timer. Best of all the ticking is just the right sound and tempo to assist rather than hinder concentration. (Many of the Pomodoro apps have really annoying, and slow, tickers.)

    Alan, thanks for the recommendation. Have you tried It's Pomodoro Time? It's got the best design and just about right set of features:


    I would like to share another Pomodoro app for iPhone (Disclaimer: I'm one of the developers). It's just 1.99 and we think we've put out the best UI out there! You can get it at https://bitly.com/1ePOUHH Hope you like it!

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