From The Tips Box: Keychain Thumb Drives, iOS Icons, Cut And Paste

From The Tips Box: Keychain Thumb Drives, iOS Icons, Cut And Paste

Readers offer their best tips for storing data on the go, moving iOS icons around, and cutting and pasting in Windows.

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Replace Your Thumb Drive with a Mini USB Cable for Your Phone

Alaska Jack shows us another way to turn your keychain into a portable toolbox:

Until recently, I had a standard USB thumb drive on my keychain. But I already carry a Blackberry with an 8GB Micro-SD card. That got me thinking: why did I need to carry both?

So I replaced my thumb drive with a tiny CableJive microStubz cable from Amazon, secured with a small piece of velcro tape. It’s about the same size as the thumb drive, much but much more versatile. For one thing, it doesn’t just transfer data — I am always able to charge my phone if a spare USB outlet is available. Also I can use it not just on my phone, but on any device that takes a Micro-USB plug.

Move iOS Icons Without Accidentally Switching Screens

Jake discovers a little iOS trick for organising your icons:

I just got an iPhone, but I’m finding that moving icons around the screen can be really annoying. When I want to move an icon to the bottom right or top left slots on a home screen, iOS either thinks I want to put it into a folder or move to the next screen over. After doing this about 20 times, I realised a much easier way is to put that icon into the second slot from the right, then move the rightmost icon over one slot.

So, in the above screenshot, if I wanted to move Wikipedia to the top left slot, I would first put it where Dropbox currently is, then let go and move Qouch one slot over, so it swaps with Wikipedia. It’s a bit more tapping, but it’s a lot quicker and easier if you keep running into the “screen switching” problem.

Cut and Paste with Left-Handed Shortcuts

Photo by Ricardo Bernardo.

Meseta shares a lesser-known shortcut perfect for lefties:

Accidentally discovered on Windows 7 that Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert will copy and paste (respectively), while Shift+Delete will cut. Presumably useful for left-hand mouse users. This also explains why my keyboard has an insert key next to the Ctrl and below the Shift key.

Use Facebook’s Code Generator for Easier Two-Factor Authentication

SarcasmSiempre shares a tip for users of Facebook’s “login approval” feature:

Racebook has added a new feature to its mobile apps (at least on Android, can’t speak for iOS): Code Generator. If you have Login Approvals turned on, you can use the Code Generator to get your access code instead of waiting for a text message from Facebook. It’s found at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu.


  • I think ill stick with thumb drive (and not just because i have an iPhone which due to apples infinite idiocy cant support that functionality but) because
    a) the cable wouldn’t be long enough if you wanted to hook it up to a tv where as a thumb drive would sit happily in the socket
    b) i would effectively lose use of the phone while the drive was in use
    c) if i forget to collect it afterwards i’ve lost a phone and not a cheap thumb drive
    but i guess it depends what you usually do with the drive.
    The Lexar JumpDrive firefly are my favorites as they are sturdy and don’t add much bulk and are easy to attach detach from the keyring.

    iOS moving icons: its much eaiser to just learn how far you have to move the icon, you dont have to go to close to the side of the screen to get it in the last position.

    and wow flashback from the early 90s Ctrl+Ins, Ctrl+Del, Shift+Ins : from memory has been around longer than Ctrl+C/V/X at least i used to use that all the time in windows 3, 95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista, i’ve only recently started doing the Ctrl+C/V/X but still find myself using the old school ins/del method occasionally depending on the situation.

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