Think Of Supermarkets As Obstacle Courses To Avoid Overspending

Think Of Supermarkets As Obstacle Courses To Avoid Overspending

Supermarkets use plenty of marketing tricks to try to get you to buy more than you actually want or need. The Consumerist and Consumer Reports point out that looking at your local supermarket like an obstacle course can help you avoid these spending traps.

Shops are deliberately organised to force you to pass sale displays and attractive items you don’t need. Most people go to the supermarket to pick up necessities likes fruits, vegetables, bread, milk and so on. You don’t need pre-made desserts and lollies, but you’ll often find those items blocking your path as you manoeuvre through the supermarket to get to the items you planned to buy. This can result in overspending, so keep it in mind as you make your way around the aisles.

Additionally, always be sure to examine the bottom of shelves even if you find the product you’re looking for. Higher-priced items tend to be higher up and at eye level. The better deals are often hidden below where it’s inconvenient for you to look.

For more money-saving supermarket tips (and a goofy video), hit up the full post over at the Consumerist.

The Supermarket Tricks You Need To Avoid To Save While Shopping [The Consumerist]


  • 1. Make two lists, essentials and desirables
    2. Buy the essentials
    3. Buy the desirables if they’re on sale
    4. Don’t shop on an empty stomach
    5. Follow the plan

    James 2nd

  • Yup. I always shop with my wife now.. we both discuss anything out of thee ordinary (ie. non essentials) and generally find we move past those things more often than not. Shopping alone, you have only yourself to think about things..

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