Storing Tupperware Lids

If you've got Tupperware, or any other kind of storage container system, then it's a fair bet that you spend at least some of your time trying to match a lid with a container.

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At our place, we have a cupboard for the containers and a drawer for the lids. The system worked quite well until the Tupperware starting multiplying like tribbles [Wikipedia]. Now, matching containers with lids has become part art and part science.

I know that specific containers came with particular lids but I just use whatever lid I can get my hands on that fits.

What's your container/lid system? Is the answer a Tupperware cull? Or is there an easier way?


    Personally I find the problem is having too many containers that are never/rarely used. Sometimes culling the herd can be the best solution...

    What we do at home is to have a "lid container" - put one of the containers aside for the lids and stick all the lids in it - usually next to the group of containers. This at least narrows the search - you know that next to a stack of containers there is one "representative" container with all the likely lids in it.

    Kept the lids on the container.
    Added benefit of knowing no nasties have been crawling in them while in storage.

      Ditto there. It also keeps you from hoarding too many containers.

      Yup, after years of lid searching, keeping the lids on the containers is the best method.

    We use a lid container with an added bit of organisation - circles at one end, squares at the other, rectangles and ovals in the middle. Tiny lids in their own container. Well thats the theory anyway ...

    We got rid of all our plastic containers and got two packs of these

    All the lids are containers and all the containers are lids and they one of the best purchases I have made in the last few years everyone in my house loves them

    Get those Decor ones where 3 or 4 different sizes (heights) all take the same lid.

    Then just pick 2 base sizes - big lids for one set, little lids for the other & you've got every size you need with just 2 sizes of lid - easy.

    As an ex tupperware demonstrator, there was a product you could screw to the back of the cupboard door that would hold tupperware lids. It was a white product, which sat out about 10 cms from the door which was a little like a semi circle shaped solid 'pocket' which accepted various sizes of lids (not the largest type though.
    It came out at roughly the same time as the Go-Flex bowls.
    Images are here:

      We have two of those in the cupboard with the tupperware.

    They are seals not lids.

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