Remove Stains From Tupperware With A Little Lemon Juice

Some food can leave unwanted stains in your tupperware, but home and living magazine Simply Stated found that removing that unwanted discolouration is just a lemon party away.Photo by Stacy

Simply cut a lemon in half and rub the cut side over the stains on the plastic. Make sure that some of the juice is squeezed on to the stained plastic as well. Then allow to dry in the sun, and wash as normal.

Not a bad tip for the next time your famous chilli turns your Tupperware all kinds of red.

Use a Lemon to Clean Stained Food Containers [Simply Stated via Re-Nest]


    I see what you did there >.>

    I get a white residue left on my plastics (seemingly after heating oil containing food then running them through the dishwasher). It can be picked off with a finger nail, but is impossible to scrub off. anyone else get this? Any ideas?
    I'll try the lemon today.

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