Qouch Manages Your Movie And TV Downloads From Your iPhone

Qouch Manages Your Movie And TV Downloads From Your iPhone

iOS: If you’re running Usenet programs like Sick Beard and Couch Potato to download movies and TV shows as soon as they’re released, you’ll love Qouch. It not only monitors all your downloads, but it can also keep you up to date on when new episodes are coming out, let you add new shows and movies and more, right from your phone.

Accessing your “internet PVR” from your web browser is fine and dandy, but if you’re sitting on the couch with nothing but your iPad — or if you’re out and about with only your phone — Qouch is incredibly convenient to have around. All you need to do is start it up, type in the server information for SABnzbd+, Sick Beard and/or Couch Potato, and you’re off to the races. You can view and manage downloads, add new movies and TV shows to download, and even see what’s coming up. The interface is very well put together and simple to use, too. If you’re out of the house and want a movie ready for you when you get back, Qouch makes it a snap.

Qouch is a $2.99 download for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Note that if you want to access Usenet from outside of your home, you’ll need to do a bit of extra setup first. Thanks Jason!

Qouch [iTunes App Store]


  • Qouch is a fantastic app. It was exactly what i was looking for once i had sick beard, couch potato and sabnzbd+ all working together.
    I love being able to queue a bunch of shows and movies while i’m at work and then coming home to watch them with xbmc, all ready to go!
    worth the $2.99.

  • @Henry, It’s the kind of stupid double standards that Apple seem to love.

    Another app worth mentioning is “SABmobile HD” It’s a dollar cheaper. I prefer it’s interface and it’s ability to browse a few index sites as well as search. It also has the ability to setup ‘fallback’ server IP’s (for when you’re browsing from home or externally) It doesn’t (yet) support couchpotato but does support sickbeard.

    I own both apps and they are both great.

  • I generally use a dropbox/spideroak sync where I have a folder where i put torrent or usenet files in at work then they get set home where I have utorrent and SABnzbd+ both looking at that folder to auto add and start downloading. Can’t monitor it at the moment but when I have time Ill look into it

  • For those who have an Android Device – MediaDog from the Play Store is perfect.
    I’ve been using it on my Android Devices for the past 5 months and well worth it

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