Make A DIY PVC Shoe Rack

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to store your shoes that has a unique look consider making this PVC shoe rack. All you need to do is buy 10.16cm or 15.24cm diameter PVC pipe and cut it into lengths of 0.5m.

Tumblr user Why Not Do It Yourself advises that once you've decided how many PVC "cells" to have in your rack you can start gluing the first and second rows together with Gorilla Glue or any other glue that works with PVC. When you're finished you can paint the rack to match your wall or go crazy and make it neon green.

Grace Space Saver and Looks Cool Too!!! [Why Not Do It Yourself on Tumblr]


    Now where I am going to find 10.16cm or 15.24cm diameter PVC pipe? Lifehacker your significant figures people!

      4inch (101.6mm) or 6inch(152.4mm) are wonderful integers if you prefer to leave in their natural imperial state rather than dress makers sizes.

        I once read in my local paper that a swimmer had got into trouble 60.96m from shore. I was wondering what incredible technology they had used to measure where the poor guy got into trouble when I realised that it was 'about 200 feet'.

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