Keep Your Garden Tools Organised With A PVC Storage Rack

If your garden tool storage consists of a corner of your garage with rakes, shovels and lots of other free ranging tools piled haphazardly in a corner you'll appreciate this tool rack design from DIY household weblog Ashbee Design.

The creator had leftover 15cm PVC pieces from a previous project and knew that she could devise a great tool organiser from the leftover pieces. After being cut at an angle (to maximise access when attaching to the wall) the PVC pieces were drilled and then mounted to a large piece of plywood. The author created eight PVC rings to hold two handed tools and additional rings at the bottom to organise handheld tools such as trowels and hatchets. Finally, labels were made with yellow tape to enhance visibility.

This is an easy-to-adapt project that can add a lot of organisation to your garage for very little cash and time invested.

Organizing Garden Tools with PVC [Ashbee Design]


    why label them?

    To enhance visibility, but what they are would be evident.

    optional though

    This is great - if you have the wall space. My tools all sit in the corner - I rekon they'd all fit in a triangle 0.5m * 0.5m * "longer side". If I were to spread them all out, I'd lose, say, 2m of wall space.
    Although - if you were to scatter the PVC hangers around the shed in various strategic locations, that'd probably work....hmmmmm

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