DIY Water Misting Rack Keeps You Cool In The Backyard

There’s nothing like a BBQ in your backyard once summer rolls around — but it does get hot out there. To keep things cool, set up a DIY water misting rack on the cheap.

YouTuber Kipkay calls his contraption the “Mr. Mister” and the video above shows you how to make it. It’s fairly simple, and all you’ll need is some PVC pipe, a cap and a hose adaptor, PVC cement, misters and a drill. You can get all of these elements at your local hardware store.

It’s a simple matter of drilling holes in the pipe and fitting the misters, then sealing one end and attaching a water hose on the other. Install it overhead and you’ll get a gentle spray keeping you cool.

Mr. Mister [Kipkay via WonderHowTo]

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