iiNet Shrinks FetchTV Contracts, Adds Freezone Content

iiNet Shrinks FetchTV Contracts, Adds Freezone Content

There are plenty of internet service providers offering IPTV service FetchTV as an option, but the vast majority ask for a 24-month contract. iiNet has broadened its options, offering the Starter package on a 12-month contract and the Entertainment bundle on a six-month deal.

iiNet (and its subsidiary Internode) have both previously offered an outright-buy deal with no contract at all, but the new option offers a less onerous way of signing up without paying a $399 hardware fee. There’s no setup fee either. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to see why anyone is going to choose the 24-month deal.

iiNet is also offering a Freezone app for its FetchTV customers, which makes it easier to browse the Freezone content (including music broadcasts and some extreme sports) offered unmetered to all iiNet customers


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