iiNet Adds Cheaper FetchTV Bundle

iiNet has added a second bundle to its FetchTV TV-over-the-Internet offering. It's only half the price of the original FetchTV package and doesn't require an ADSL2 connection, but you miss out on monthly access to 30 free movies and the "on command" library of watch-on-demand shows..

The $14.95 a fetchtv1 month joins the existing $29.95 fetchtv2 bundles on a 24-month contract. fetchTV2 is also available for $19.95 a month if you buy the set-top box outright for $399, while fetchTV1 doesn't require you to use iiNet's BoB modem. In both cases, downloads to the service aren't counted against your download total, which is one obvious edge over rival alternatives such as Foxtel on Xbox 360. iiNet is also waiving its $99 setup fee at the moment for new subscribers.



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