Giant Gummy Bears Make Awful SodaStream Flavouring

As you'll have noticed, we're doing evil things with a 12kg Gummy Bear right now. In the spirit of our recent Sodamite experiment, it only seemed reasonable to hack the bear's foot off, melt it and try and use it as a drink flavouring for SodaStream. A little surprisingly, the results were even worse than using Vegemite.

Stage one was to remove the bear's foot. The big knife isn't just for show; this bear is seriously tough to chop up. If actually used at a party, I suspect stab wounds would be the norm.

Next, I chopped up the foot so it would be easier to liquefy. The resulting product looks disturbingly like salmon.

Two brief bursts in the microwave and a little hot water and we had a syrup ready for the SodaStream process.

Adding the flavouring resulted in the usual overflow effect, though nowhere near as bad as when Vegemite was involved.

And so, finally, it's time to taste it.

One word: revolting. Two words: really revolting. Lots of words: it tastes like diluted generic orange soft drink that's been left out in the sun. And don't just take my word for it.

There's more we can do with the bear (so much more!), but the next time I experiment with SodaStream flavours, I'm sticking with something reliable that other people have tested first.



    Im over this flipping gummy bear and now you've combined it with your jackass style stunts of tasting crp from your soda stream.

    This should not be under geek out, but as a PSA.

    Where do I get a bear like that?

      You can get them at !
      We sent this delicious beast to these guys as a gift :)

    Can we see some experiments using the more realistic ingredients that are actually used by softdrink makers, like spices and trace amounts of essential oils in a sugar syrup?

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