SodaStream: How Much Cheaper Is It?

SodaStream: How Much Cheaper Is It?

When I wrote up our office experience with the SodaStream Genesis, some readers asked just how much money you can save using the device. The answer? It’s actually possible to buy ready-made soft drink about the same, so the value equation depends on your preferences.

A standard container of SodaStream flavouring (such as the cola or ginger beer flavours we tested) costs $6.95 and produces 12 litres of drink. That makes the per-litre drink cost 58 cents. But that doesn’t include the cost of buying the equipment, or the cost of occasionally having the gas cylinder refilled. Commenters estimated gas cost per litre at close to 30 cents.

Can you buy soft drink for 58 cents a litre? Not quite. A 1.5 litre bottle of Home Brand cola costs $0.95; 2 litres of Coles Smart Buy Cola costs $1.28. That works out out at roughly 64 cents a litre either way. Given that the SodaStream product tastes like generic cola, it’s a fair comparison. And once you factor in gas costs (let alone setup), you are paying rather more than the very cheapest drinks (unless you just want soda water).

That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad investment. You might prefer being able to customise your own flavours and use cheaper options such as cordial or apple juice; you might prefer the SodaStream flavourings to their pricier commercial equivalents; you might appreciate not having a car boot full of fizzy water; you might not want to contribute to all those trucks delivering the bottles to the supermarket. As with most shopping decisions, there’s no single universal answer: research and identifying your own needs are the key.


  • You should probably stop wasting money on the SodaStream brand cordial and just get some Cotties or even home brand cordial. $4 will give you 20 litres if you use their recommended mixture ratio, that’s 20c a litre if you like it as sickly sweet as the recommended ratio gives.

  • I usually just buy home brand soda water and normal cordial. If I feel like going high class I’ll get the fancy flavoured cordial in the glass bottles. Is that not the same as a soda stream?

    • we used to do the same but would always run out of soda water despite lugging many bottles home. Soda stream does give you the same end product as buying soda water but it lasts long er and you run out less often and you don’t generate nearly the same sort of waste than if you were buying bottles

  • IMHO, it’s much the same question as to whether or not you prefer to bake your own cake or bread; buy and chop up fresh veggies or use those “steam fresh” bags; use a detergent concentrate or buy big bottles of low-concentration stuff that’s ready to use.

    Convenience vs. customised control.

  • If i didn’t use Soda Stream, I’d be more inclined to buy brand name soft drink rather than home brand stuff, so it’s a significant saver for me.

  • Soda stream is an Israeli Company manufactured in the occupied territories .
    They are woeful at supporting flavours been trying to find a shop that carries DRY GINGER ale woolies refuse to stock the syrup the Gas recharge is just a HUGE rip off so look for alternatives and use modification kits to the Soda stream set up or just by a CO 2 cap that fits on pet bottles
    Cost of then drops to 0.002 (yes that’s right) a litre instead of 0.34 cents a litre amortising the cost of the gas cylinder full charged 25 KG of gas instead of bugger all and making 10 litres a week have not recharged the 25 kg bottle yet over two years . web has large amount of data to soda stream alternates . the company should start to play fair and smart . 16000% profit is a bit greedy ( FOB Isreal )

    • Its based in germany not israel. It was distributed by israel at one time
      Originally the company operated as a subsidiary of W & A Gilbey, Ltd.[9] In 1985, after various changes of ownership, SodaStream became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes, although it operated as an autonomous business within the group.[9] In 1998 SodaStream was bought by Soda-Club, an Israeli company founded in 1991 by Peter Wiseburgh, who from 1978 to 1991 had been Israel’s exclusive distributor for SodaStream, creating the world’s largest home carbonation systems supplier.[3][14] In 2003 Soda-Club closed the SodaStream factory in Peterborough, moving the company’s gas cylinder refilling and refurbishment department to Germany.[15] Under the ownership of Soda-Club, and with CEO Daniel Birnbaum at the helm since 2007, the brand has been relaunched in many markets, with new machines and new flavors available in 41 countries around the world.[16] In 2012 Sodastream teamed with Yves Béhar to introduce SodaStream Source, a line of soda machines designed with a special emphasis on sustainability.[17][18] Béhar’s design earned Sodastream a Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval in 2013.[19]

  • For me it’s not the cost of the product that’s important – using sodastream reduces the amount of packaging entering and leaving our home and reduces the load on recycling. I also take exception to buying extra water, be it in soft drinks or liquid detergents – seems a bit silly when i have water in my tap to be paying for it and carrying it home

  • The “standard price” for the syrups of $6.95 only seems to apply if you buy direct from Sodastream (and you’d be paying for postage as well). I buy syrups from my local Woolies or BigW (depending on which has them in stock) for around $5.50 a bottle. BigW also swaps the 60L gas cylinders for around $18-$19

  • Ooh, I need a (pick one) lemonade, dry ginger ale, tonic, cola, ginger beer, or just plain sode for my cocktail. I just need one 500ml bottle of cold water in the fridge rather than half a dozen or so to cover all those bases. The syrups can last a decade or more (OK, I guess the tonic never lasts that long – too many G&Ts). So I’ve always got the mixers I need for an occasional cocktail.

  • For me too it’s just about saving plastic, which would be something between the 30 to 40 1.25ltr plastic bottles per pressure bottle refil. The $$ savings while nice aren’t exactly going to make me a millionaire.

  • For me it’s about cost to me and the wastage from excessive bottles. I love carbonated water over plain water – for some reason I find it more thirst quenching. I don’t use flavoured syrups (I couldn’t drink all that sugar), if I want a bit of variety I add lemon &/or lime. I save a lot using this (I’m about to change bottle so I will monitor this time more accurately). I compare the price to the commercial 1L bottles as the 2L bottles loose their fizz too quick and I usually wouldn’t buy them anyway. Before buying the soda stream I was throwing out 1-3 plastic bottles a day. + I know drink more water.

    I’d be interested in alternatives though, if anyone has any recommendations? I’m always willing to shop around for what works best for me.

  • GUYS don’t buy the Soda Stream flavors. The way to HACK this racket is to buy post mix syrups either off ebay or wholesalers. You can actually buy Coke or Pepsimax post mix syrups. You can even try Thiftee Cola Cordial or Cottees Cola Cordial. I host large family functions coming from a Large ethnic family so I prepare 5 to 10 iced jugs at a time of Coke Zero Post mix and just use the sodastream. You can also buy 10L of post mix from Australian Generic Soft drink makers. Each liter of postmix syrup makes about 24L of Soft drink. SO for about $70-$80 you can make $240 L of Soft Drink. We used this at a sausage sizzle outside Masters for our kids school and we raised crap loads of money.

  • We love our soda stream. I make up to 30 bottles of cordial a year (very easy ) mainly lemon or ginger, but also lemongrass and I am waiting for our passionfruit to ripen to make my own version of passiona. We grow all the fruit, I cook the cordial in the slow cooker and heat seal them in the old cordial or wine bottle I put them . No endless empty mineral water bottles and I know what I am drinking i.e fruit and sugar

  • I love Sodastream. Mainly due to reducing my consumption of plastic. The Pacific which I come from is suffering due to plastic bottles, bags etc washing up on our beaches or floating endlessly upon the ocean. Now I dispose of a single 500ml small plastic bottle for 12 litres where in the past I would have to purchase 6 two litre large plastic bottles. Also there is the reduced transportation/environmental costs for the decreased volume. Godbless Sodastream, for keeping the fishys happy.

  • one word: MICROMANAGING
    after getting one, I quickly found out that the micromanaging involved far outweighs any sort of benefit you can get. Their syrups taste horrible, for one (at least for me, maybe i’m genetically sensitive to splenda sucralose- aftertaste for 30 min). but to buy an adaptor to use syrup in a box? or make my own at home to save a couple cents?? With a big family- a BIG family- sure, otherwise too much hassle. and sodastream splenda-free syrups are really expensive, triple the cost for just buying soda with your groceries

  • As an Aussie who resides in Israel I have a Soda Stream, like the rest of you I do not purchase their cordials even though there are many choices. We simply fill up the bottles with soda and when we need it add cordial to either the glass or the bottle itself. Its not big deal. Its practical, saves on lugging around bottles, always available especially if unexpected people arrive and you need something quick.
    By the way the Occupied territories theory is nice, but in fact as Australians we are living on Occupied territory that once belonged to the Aborigines the same could be said for the Americans who took land from the Indians, in fact the list goes on.
    Using that as an excuse not to buy a product.Trust me when I say that the Israelis and Palestinians have more in common than most, and its the politicians and powers that be that keep the status quo from progressing to peace.

  • Honestly it’s more expensive. Every week at most supermarkets either Pepsi or Coke is on sale for $1.00-$1.25/ 2L bottle. That’s $0.50-$0.63 per liter. That is a cost savings at best and at worst only slightly more expensive. Mind you this is for BRAND NAME SODA. Not generic tasting crap. I thought about purchasing this product on several occasions, but the math just doesn’t add up. If I’m going to be making my own products on my time I better be saving a good 50% off the retail price.

    • Sorry For the late reply, (Ignore If they have already gotten one by now, but you should be able to purchase one from, A: The SodaStream Website, B: Big W, C: Ebay
      I hope this helped you out!

  • I side stepped the process a little via ebay, and paintball gun cansiters.

    *eBay: SodaStream CO2 Tank Paintball Canister Refill Adapter C02 (got mine for $4)

    vs official site apx $50 vs Soda stream canister for $30


    *Canister: Pure Energy 16 oz co2 Tank (cost $16.95)

    *Refill: about 3 – $5

    vs Sodastream trade in 2 bottles at Bed Bath and Beyond and pay $15 (discounted price for the canisters you paid $60 for…)

    Then just pick your poison, or carbonate water.

  • Just found a place in north of Brisbane that does refill my soda stream bottle for $5. Yay pretty happy now. Check out the website it has all Australian states co2 refillers listed.

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