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Ever bought a multi-mode vibrator and wondered how the manufacturer settled on those particular patterns? (No? I guess I'm the only sex toy nerd around here then). It turns out that most manufacturers just take a shot in the dark, but there's one company out to change that by giving women the power to find the vibrational patterns they actually enjoy.


Phone companies love to boast about how broad their coverage is. We put those claims to the test by measuring mobile broadband performance for Optus, Telstra and Vodafone on a cross-country train trip between Melbourne and Adelaide.


Suzie Price is an Australian psychic and self-described "ghost whisperer" who purports to be able to communicate with the dead. Last week, we arranged for Suzie to conduct a face-to-face psychic reading with three Lifehacker staff: an ultra-sceptic, a fence-sitter and a true believer. The results were not what we were expecting...


I used to be one of those people who swanned into airports with a single bag and cast a judgemental glare at the people grappling enormo-luggage. Now I'm roaming around the US with a 75cm suitcase and worrying about whether I'll be over the weight limit. Welcome to life on four suitcase wheels.


Last week, I took part in my own personal Chilli Challenge which involved eating whole red peppers and testing different cooling remedies; from milk to hot water. Was milk the winner? How bad were the stomach cramps? Has my rectum recovered? All these questions and more are answered below.


It's a familiar scenario: you're in the office and craving potentially unhealthy food from a takeaway joint, but the nearest branch is too far away to get to during the lunch hour and it isn't a fancy enough place to offer delivery. Fortunately, there is a way to get around this.


What could be better than sleeping in a pair of pyjamas designed to look like a suit? Wearing a pair of pyjamas that look like a suit during an entire working day. This is what happened when I spent a whole day clad in Legendary Suitjamas.


Kobo is best known for its e-ink based readers, many of which are solid competitors to Amazon's local near-monopoly of the ereader space. The Kobo Arc is Kobo's Android tablet play, but does it make sense to shift up in price to get the Arc's extra features?