Extension Cables Avoid Feeling Around For USB Ports On The Back Of Your iMac

iMac users have forever struggled with the desktop's annoying USB ports, always having to reach around the computer and feel for a USB port just to plug in a flash drive. The guys at Sugru have a solution: just tape (or Sugru) some extension cables to your iMac to "add" ports onto the front of your screen.

Look, I get it. The iMac is beautiful. Its USB ports are in the back for a reason, and sticking some ugly, exposed cables to the side are only going to ruin Apple's brilliant design philosophy. However, the iMac's ports are so annoying that I think it's completely worth the downgrade in aesthetics. If you really wanted to be clever, you could probably position the extension cords so that the ports were sticking out the side of your monitor and thus invisible from the front but still easily accessible. Either way, the choice is up to you — but as someone who's had to use an iMac for more than a day, I'd do this in a heartbeat. Check out the video above to see what this trick looks like in action.

How to Make Your iMac Easier to Use [Instructables]


    Or get a USB hub...

      Or, "How to Make your iMac Look Crap."

    If their design philosophy was so brilliant, they would have put some ports under the screen in an accessible but hidden location (like in that giant ugly bezel chin - who liked that design anyway?).

    Why can't you use the one's integrated into the mac keyboard. It was designed to do this after all.

      Helpful when you have the wireless keyboard, which comes standard now with them. And even when you have the wired, most of the time it doesn't carry enough power for half the USBs I have.

    Sorry but sticking ports on the side just ruins the design and looks of it. It isn't difficult to plug a USB or audio cable into the back of an iMac without looking, you just have to know how it goes in there and where the hole is. If you use an iMac once, you might find them a pain but once you get used to it they aren't a problem.

    If anything, Apple could add a single usb port below the SD card slot on the side.

    Why is this limited to Apple anyway? PC monitors have very difficult to reach usb ports a lot of the time and bending down behind a desk is more difficult than reaching behind an iMac surely.

      isn't powered, plus it only has two and one of those is used for my mouse - i'm just too pro at fiddling with the back of the mac to try this - cbf buying cables for that

        sorry - was suppose to be a reply to Thom's post

    Just don't buy a Mac, go Windows instead.

    Or just take the extra three seconds to fiddle around and find the plug. You're all so god damn self-important. Not to mention this 'solution' is aesthetically disgusting.

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