Turn The Back Of Your Monitor Into A Workspace Utility Belt

Turn The Back Of Your Monitor Into A Workspace Utility Belt

The back of your desktop monitor is usually nothing more than wasted space. If you have an all-in-one system like an iMac, that space is even more cluttered because it has cables coming out of it in every direction. Let’s look at the ways you can turn that unused space into a useful little utility belt for storage and organisation.

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Create Hidden Storage For Small Junk

The majority of monitors have nothing on the back of them, aside from a few ports for cables and a power cord. This means it’s a great place to store all the small stuff you have.

Store External Hard Drives

This tiny shelf

The Ambitious “Store Everything” Approach

this build incorporates storage for pretty much everything

Hide And Organise Cables

Cable clutter is the biggest hassle of getting your desk organised. Arranging them with your monitor in mind can help clear that clutter easily.

The Super-Cheap Paper Pocket Method

this clever pocket system

Add Extension Cables For Easy Access To Tricky Ports

use Sugru to attach extensions to the side for easy accessuse magnets for a similar effect

Mount Everything Else And Keep Your Desk Clear

Of course, not everything on your desk can fit into small little cubby holes or cable organisers. Bigger things need bigger solutions.

Mount Your Laptop To The Back Of Your Monitor

decided to go ahead and mount his MacBook on the back of the monitor itself

Add A Headphone Shelf



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