Combine Two IKEA Products To Create A Tiny Bathroom Vanity

If you're remodeling and need to add space in already-small bathroom or turning a closet into a half bath you may have need of a tiny bathroom vanity. Commercial models can be very expensive, but you can combine an IKEA Lillangen sink and faucet along with a Besta cabinet to have a 40cm deep vanity for around $US250.

IKEA modification weblog IKEA Hackers recommends that combo specifically for a combination of tiny size and low budget. For a modern minimalist vanity this size you'll normally have to pay around twice the $US250 project cost.

Small-room bath vanity/sink [IKEA Hackers]


    LILLĂ…NGEN in USA $129, AU $159
    BESTĂ… in USA $80, AU $130
    USA Total, $209. AU Total $289.

    USD$209 should be $203 - then plus gst = $223.20. So we pay around $65 more (30%) than we should just because Ikea likes to screw us in Oz. Thanks Ikea.

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