DIY IKEA Vertical Dish Drainer

DIY IKEA Vertical Dish Drainer

If you have a tiny apartment kitchen, you may not have enough counter space to keep a full-sized dish-drying rack. With today’s tip you can mount a vertical drying rack on the wall next to your sink using IKEA components.

IKEA modifications weblog IKEA Hackers builds the vertical drying rack starting with a Bygel rail. After that’s mounted to the wall, you can hang two Bygel wire baskets from the rail, then hang a Magasin cutlery caddy using s-hooks. With this project you’ll have room to immediately wash and dry your dishes after a meal. The creator was originally worried about pools of dripping water, but keeping a towel underneath the rack will take care of that. It won’t fit a lot of large dinner plates, but it’s great for routine cereal bowls, cups and small plates.

Have you ever modded a standard kitchen item to fit in your tiny apartment? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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