Rescue A Worn-Out Pillow With Tennis Balls

Feel like your pillow's a leaden lump and reached the end of its life? Try throwing it in the dryer with some tennis balls as a last-ditch rescue effort. It might just (literally) beat that sucker back into shape.

Photo by bnilsen.

More than one poster on the oddly named Top Tips for Girls site points out that tennis balls, a general agent of dryer improvement, can get results. Specifically, throwing the pillow in alone with the tennis balls can beat the heck out of that pillow and force out some of the dents and creases your not-so-light head have worn into it. Depending on your pillow, there's a chance it might backfire, but as you're probably on your way toward buying a whole new pillow, it's not a bad one-more-try strategy.

How to keep pillows fluffy and comfy [toptips via Consumerist]


    ...or spend $5 on a new pillow.

      $5 will get you a pillow that's as bad, if not worse than, your worn out pillow.

      These are the stupidest kind of comments this blog sees. One of the selling points of Lifehacker is posting tips for getting more efficient use out of everyday items.

    No way I'm putting anything rubber in the dryer. Who writes this stuff?

    Kevin Purdy

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