5 Clever Uses For Tennis Balls That Will Make Your Life Easier

Tennis balls are good for more than just tennis. If you have a few lying around, you can repurpose them in all sorts of handy ways.

  • Item Holders: You can cut a space into a tennis ball and nail it to the wall to hold items, such as your keys.
  • Jar Openers: You can cut one in half and use it to open a stubborn jar lid.
  • Laundry Helpers: You can throw a few tennis balls in the dryer to help move items of clothing around and speed up drying. This is especially helpful with duvets.
  • Pillow Fluffers: Tennis balls can also revive a worn-out pillow in the dryer. If it gets lumpy, toss it in with some balls to make it nice and soft again.
  • Massagers: Tennis balls work great as massagers for any tight muscles in your back, neck, wrists and feet.

These are just a few of our favourite tennis ball repurposing tricks. If you have any others, let us know in the comments.


    • I’ve seen tennis balls on tow balls since I was a kid but have never understood why people do that. Is it to protect the towball or people who might bump into it?

  • I’ve never tried it, but a friend’s dad swears by using half a tennis ball to contain the mess of drill shavings. Drill bit goes through a hole in the centre of the half-ball, hold the half-ball flush with the wall while drilling. When finished, slowly tip the it to face upwards and most of the shavings should be contained in it Iike a cup.

  • The old favourite: hang a ball from the ceiling so rests on the windscreen of your car when parked in the correct spot. Instant long-car-in-small-garage indicator.

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