Use Tennis Balls To Hold Small Household Items

Use Tennis Balls To Hold Small Household Items

Tennis balls are remarkably useful. They can rescue a worn-out pillow, speed up laundry, help clean your pool, open stuck jars and a lot more. This clever little use from Redditor IAMmojo, however, is the most adorable of them all: using tennis balls to hold just about anything around the house.

The idea is pretty simple: just cut the tennis ball in half, cut a line across it, and mount each half to your wall. You can then shove stuff inside of the opening you created, and it’ll hold it well, thanks to the tennis ball’s rubbery insides. This works well on its own, but if you want your tennis ball holders to be ridiculously cute (like the ones pictured above), add some eyes. Suddenly, they’re impossible not to love.

LPT: Use a tennis ball to hang various things around the house [Imgur via Reddit]


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