Permanently Remove Windows 8's Explorer Ribbon

The ribbon is probably one of the most highly polarising UI decisions Microsoft has ever made (well, that and the start screen), and whether you love it or hate it, one great thing about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is that people are already working on tools to tweak the upcoming OS so it works better for them. Ribbon Disabler, a free utility that permanently removes the ribbon from all Explorer windows, is one of those tools.

This is one of those utilities that's aimed at the person who really really hates the Explorer ribbon. It's a simple, portable app that doesn't require an installation, and when you run it you can either remove the ribbon from all Explorer windows, or restore it if you've decided you want to give it another try.

Windows 8 by default allows you to show, hide and customise the ribbon, so if you're not sure whether you like it or not, or think you could get used to it, I wouldn't suggest going all out and removing it with this tool. If you hate the ribbon, have always hated the ribbon and blame the ribbon for the fall of modern society, it's worth a download.

How do you feel about the ribbon, either in Windows 8 or in other products, like Microsoft Office? Let us know in the comments below.

Ribbon Disabler for Windows 8 CP [WinAero via NirmalTV]


    Why would anyone want to disable the beautiful ribbon user interface from windows 8?
    I think I will retain it cause I think it brings many commands within instant reach. For me I use it by pinning the commands to the quick access toolbar and then I minimize the the ribbon. This reduces the space occupied by the ribbon significantly.
    If anyone really wants to disable it, then, suit yourself

      ... But if you're minimising the ribbon itself, and adding everything to the quick access toolbar, you've pretty much got the old menu + toolbar interface anyway (until you need to use something not on the toolbar).

      You call something that covers half the screen with ugly buttons beautiful? I think this interface is too dumbed down...

    If however you decide to create a tweak that will disable only the start screen, well, I will be the first to apply it...

    The ribbon is the worst looking dog's breakfast of just about any interface design I've ever seen or experienced.

    Ribbon made everything so hidden in Office. Haven't tried it in Windows 8

    I hate it. Not so much the usability but just the way it looks. So ugly. grey blue red green yellow beige blergh.

    i love the ribbon to bits.. I can understand people not liking it; i don't like the Win8 start menu. there was a fix for that.

    it comes in handy when needed, but mostly use the context menu

    i love all of it! the ribbon, the start menu... people just dont like change, get used to it

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