Perform Better Searches In Windows 8 With Explorer's Ribbon

Windows Explorer's new ribbon has gotten a lot of flak from people who prefer their traditional menus. When it comes to search, however, Windows 8's ribbon gives you a lot of options you might not have otherwise seen.

Windows search has never been the best, but Windows 8 makes it a lot easier to navigate. If you use the ribbon, you've probably seen its search tab pop up when you type something in Explorer's search bar, but if you minimise the ribbon for your day-to-day work, Windows Explorer won't focus that tab — you have to click on it.

So the next time you perform a search in Windows Explorer, click that Search tab along the top for a lot of extra options. It makes it easier to choose where you're searching, filter your results by type, size and other features, as well as save your search for quick access later (plus a lot more).

How to Do Smarter Searches in Windows 8 [PCWorld]


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