iPhoto Brings Multitouch Photo-Editing To iOS

iPhoto Brings Multitouch Photo-Editing To iOS

Along with the new iPad tablet today, Apple introduced iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone, so you can browse, edit and share photos on your mobile device using this powerful tool, which will run you $5.49.

Apple devoted a lot of time during its press event today to the iPhoto app and some of the professional-quality effects and features, including: touching and dragging to add captions for photo journals, pinching-and-zooming to add vignettes, and the many brushes you can use to repair or adjust photos.

iPhoto is a universal app for iOS 5 devices available now in iTunes:

iPhoto [iTunes]


  • Boy is it fiddly to use on an iPhone 4 – although it’s usable and seems to do everything it should; but it might just be pushing a bit too much functionality into such a small interface.

  • Are the features substantially different from any number of existing photo editing apps (on iOS or Android?). Seems you can do most of this in Photoshop Mobile for free?

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