Get The Ice Cream Sandwich Camera App For Any Android Phone

Android: If you're eagerly waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich to come to your Android phone, here's one part of it that you can download right now: the new camera app from ICS has been repackaged and made available in the Android Market for almost any device, regardless of the version of Android it's running.

Camera ICS is free in the Android Market, and while it doesn't have the bells and whistles of better, more richly featured camera apps like CameraZoom FX, our favourite camera app for Android, it definitely includes all of the great features ICS users enjoy, including a built-in panorama mode, easy-to-use zoom and flash controls that all appear directly on screen without you having to open a series of menus, and fast switching between camera, camcorder and panorama.

The only downside to Camera ICS is that it's ad-supported, but an ad-free version of the app is available for $1.19 if you really love the app. Still, if you're still rocking the stock app, this is well worth a download to replace it, especially if you're on a device that may never get Ice Cream Sandwich. Have you tried the app? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Camera ICS [Android App Market via CNET]


    Camera Zoom FX is currently half price.

    If they can sell this app for my desire, why can't ice custom roms for my desire get it sorted?

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