Holo Launcher Brings The Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher To Older Android Phones

Holo Launcher Brings The Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher To Older Android Phones

Android: If you’re stuck on a device running an older version of Android and your manufacturer has no plans on upgrading your phone anytime soon, Holo Launcher gives you all of the features available in the stock Ice Cream Sandwich launcher, right now, completely free.

Holo Launcher looks like ICS, but the app supports Android 2.2 and higher. You get the same look and feel as the default ICS launcher though, complete with long-press to edit folder and shortcuts (and their icons), a scrollable dock with up to seven icons on it, multitouch gestures to launch apps right on the home screen or preview running apps, and ICS icons for your apps and menus.

The app is still under development, and while it’s out of beta and available now at Google Play, you can head over to the XDA Developers thread to vote on new features and sideload the APK if you choose. What do you think? Is the look and feel of ICS enough to make you replace the launcher you already have, or do you already have ICS anyway? Let us know in the comments.

Holo Launcher [Google Play via xda-developers]


  • I do not have ICS, not will I ever unless the GalaxyICS CyanogenMod 9 team releases a fully-functioning ROM for my Samsung Galaxy Gio. Right now I am happy with a rooted stock ROM with the default Touchwiz launcher, but if I ever feel the need for some ICS then I’ll give this a try.

  • I assume this will work on an ICS device as well? I’ve got an Xperia device and would prefer the vanilla ICS interface to Sony’s launcher.

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