From The Tips Box: Google Logout, Android Volume, Necklace Clasps

Readers offer their best tips for logging out of Google services, changing volume on Android, and hiding unsightly necklace clasps.

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Create a "Log Out of Google" Bookmark

Imazagi discovers an easier way to log out of Google:

One of the "Duh-everyone knows that n00b"-things. Google doesn't make it really for you to log out of their services with the tiny avatar and the drop down menu. Often enough, you just close the Gmail or YouTube tab and stay logged in, getting tracked by Google.

I just copied the link location of the log out button ( and made a new bookmark on my personal bar called LOGOUT pointing to that URL. Now there's a handy, one-click option to log out of every Google service (Docs, Mail, Calendar, etc) right on my top browser bar.

Change Android's Volume, Even When the Volume Keys are Accounted For

Jesseg finds a workaround for Android's volume keys being used by apps:

If you need to change the volume in Android, but you're using an app such as Google Reader or Read It Later, which employs volume rocker navigation, you can drag down the notification bar, then change the volume using the rocker. The app's navigation function will be disabled until you return from the notification bar.

Hide Your Necklace Clasp in Plain Sight

Java-Princess shares a solution to one of life's little annoyances:

I just found a solution to a problem that has bugged me for longer than I care to remember and the solution is so obvious everyone will claim they always knew it.

I'm constantly bugged by the clasp on my necklaces and chains sliding around to the front of my neck instead of staying out of sight at the back of my neck.

Nearly all my chains fasten with one of those circular rings with the bit that slides back inside. Well, instead of threading your pendant onto the chain let the clasp slider hold it in place when it fastens so the clasp is hidden by the pendant or looks like part of it. This works for all but the most delicate of pendants which won't hide the clasp.

Also while we're on the subject of necklaces if you have trouble fastening the above type of clasp then try swapping the hands that hold each end so it feels like you're using the wrong hands and don't look in the mirror, just hold the ends at the back of your neck out of sight. It's a lot easier.

If anyone does use this tip in order to get the little finger stud thing to hide behind the pendant and not look unsightly you have to thread the chain onto the ring first, then hang the pendant before closing the clasp. That way the finger stud points down in use and is hidden. It's not visible in the picture because it's behind the heart.

Use a Strong Magnet as a Makeshift Stud Finder

Photo by Brian Moloney.

Demalo101 tells us another way to find studs in your walls:

Not sure if this has been posted before, regardless I have to credit this one to my Grandfather. When trying to find studs in a wall you don't always have a stud finder handy. Now this only works well on walls with sheet rock but you can easily find the studs in the walls by taking a decent refrigerator magnet and running it gently over the wall. If the magnet is strong enough and there are screws or nails that are magnetic you'll easily find the studs in your walls when the magnet is attracted to the metal hardware. Handy life hacking stud finder.


    Thanks for the google logout bookmark. Seems to work well......

    Nice pendant idea. I have no use for the rest :P

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