Catch Of The Day Has An iPhone App

Catch Of The Day, the popular 24-hour deal shopping site, now offers a new way to spend your money: an iPhone app where you can browse the current deals and make purchases directly from your device.

The app offers push notifications when new deals appear, which could be handy/expensive depending on your shopping habits. Payments can be made via either PayPal or a credit card.

I know you'll ask: is an Android version planned? COTD staffers tell me that they're considering it, but it will depend on demand; right now, the vast majority of those who surf to the site via their mobiles use an iPhone.

Catch Of The Day is a free download for iOS.

Catch Of The Day [iTunes App Store]


    I'm not sure there's anyone on Twitter who didn't know about this already - they've been practically spamming the world about it.

      Their spam is horendus! I wish i could have membership without a DAILY! email from them - worse than my mothers. FML

        COTD are a perfect fit with isheeple and 'A Current Tonight' - lowest-common-denominator advertising.

        Who'd have though as much from the company that registered "".

    A week or two ago CotD only released details of a certain catch via the app, so most CotD members should know about this already.

    Not to mention that they've already had an iPhone app for AGES. This one does appear to be different to the old one... When I go to app updates there's no update, but when I load the "TodaysCatch" app it tells me to go get the new one. Why do they have two separate apps?

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