AppyDays Tracks Discounted Mac And iOS Apps

Mac: Keeping track of sales and discounts in the Mac App Store or iTunes App Store can be a bit difficult. If you’re a frugal app shopper, AppyDays makes it bit easier by tracking price drops and allowing you to search for sales easily.

AppyDays allows you to filter and search for apps in a couple of different ways. You can filter by Mac, iPhone or iPad, as well as by the ratings. You can also mark apps as favourites so you can easily check back to see when they’re on sale.

AppyDays doesn’t do much else, but it does the trick if you find yourself overwhelmed with the app stores and want another means to search for discounts. Of course, you can always hit up our daily App Deals too. AppyDays is a free download in the Mac App Store.

AppyDays [Mac App Store via App Storm]


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