Blend A Whole Lemon Into Lemonade

Everyone loves homemade freshly squeezed lemonade. Making it can be as easy as cutting a lemon into eight slices, removing the seeds, and then blending the lemon slices, water and sweetener on high for one minute in the microwave. You'll get a simple fresh lemonade that only requires one lemon.

The source of this tip, culinary video weblog, also recommends adding ginger juice, mint leaves or berries if you want to jazz up the blender lemonade.

CHOW Tip: How to Make Lemonade Using the Whole Lemon []


    I do not believe that one minute in a microwave will give you a refreshing lemonade. :P

    @Zest, lol yeah, I did a double take on that one too..

    I didn't even pick that up until you mentioned it Zest. :P

    I am really puzzled by the concept of blending in a microwave, especially given that the photos feature a whizzer.

    My Mum has a Blendtec blender. Will have to get her to do this, make a syrup to use with her SodaStream!

    You can do the same with a pumpkin, which also tastes like shit.

    I think it should be blend it on high speed and then microwave it for a minute. But you already knew that.

    Herp, I just tried this and blew up my microwave. The blender only just fit inside the microwave and also stopped working about 40 seconds in :(


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