Beautify Google Chrome With My Chrome Theme

Although there are tons of awesome Chrome themes available in the Chrome Web Store, perhaps you want a more personalised look for your browser. My Chrome Theme is one of the simplest tools to customise Chrome's appearance, such as the background image and tab colours.

We've highlighted a few ways to theme Chrome before, such as creating your own theme from your favourite wallpaper and using to create your own Chrome theme. While those methods offer more control, My Chrome Theme wins for being dead simple to use and its elegant interface.

The tool, provided by Google, basically guides you through the three-step process of creating your own theme. In the first step, you can upload a background image for the new tab page or use your webcam. In the second step, use a colour palette to select colours for the new tab, background tab, frame and browser background. In the final step, install the theme right away and share it if you want with others via the provided URL.

If you want to tweak every single visual element of Chrome, this isn't your tool. For a quick, basic custom theme, however, you don't need to look any further than My Chrome Theme.

My Chrome Theme [Chrome Web Store via gHacks]


    i have created many themes but i wanna put it on my desktop or the place where new tab is there pls give a suggestion for my problem!!! and i love this my chrome theme it is very nice

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