Apple To Modify ‘iPad+4G’ Marketing And Offer Refunds

Apple To Modify ‘iPad+4G’ Marketing And Offer Refunds

Apple’s day in court with the ACCC ended with Apple agreeing to an undertaking that requires it to modify the way it promotes the latest iPad and offering refunds to any consumers who purchased the 4G-labelled model and who aren’t happy it can’t access 4G. Put rather more simply: the ACCC won.

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The undertaking by Apple includes three key clauses:

  • Adding the statement “This product supports very fast cellular networks. It is not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX Networks” to its site, store and promotional materials;
  • Sending signage with the same statement to resellers;
  • Contacting by email any existing purchasers of the “iPad with Wifi+4G” model (up to March 28) and offering them the opportunity for a refund.

Apple has agreed to get all that done by April 5. The court activity isn’t yet finished, however, with further hearings scheduled from April 16, including a liability hearing on May 2.



  • It will be interesting to see if the returned iPads end up on the refurb section of the apple store. I can imagine they will get a few returned, probably by people with buyers remorse rather than people genuinely confused by the 4G issue.

    It has been an key demonstration of how useless telstra’s new network is. If it only works with their overpriced and flawed telstra branded gear (dongles and specially engineered phones and tablets) it will remain very unattractive.

    • Other manufacturers don’t have a problem creating different versions of devices for different regions’ high-speed network frequencies. Apple was just being lazy and the ACCC caught ’em out.

    • This isn’t really a Telstra issue. The frequency that the iPad 4g runs on is used by old school analog TV transmission so no carrier is able to use it for a few years yet. So the iPad won’t be able to pick up any of the 4g signals even when optus and voda get in on the act.

      The same thing is happening in Europe, with Sweden and Denmark (I think) both taking a dim view of Apple’s 4G related marketing.

  • I swear all these apple users make me feel like Winston Smith. Like every other fool needs to ‘Wake Up’ to the fact that this is not a benign monopoly being created here.

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