Use Household Objects To Estimate Serving Sizes

Use Household Objects To Estimate Serving Sizes

One of the keys to maintaining weight and staying healthy is portion control, but serving sizes can be rather vague and a pain to measure exactly. Instead of breaking out the scales and cups, compare food to real world objects like in this handy illustration.We’ve mentioned using visual cues to measure serving sizes before, but the diagram above lays it out very clearly. It’s easy to remember now to spread a pat of butter into a postage-stamp square on a piece of toast, for example.

Size It Right [I’ll Be Skinnier By Tomorrow]


  • hopefully you don’t mean thickness of the cut of meat do you?!?
    My steak would never be the thickness of an ipod classic! 2 or 3 at least…

    That is a huge serving of potato

    ARGH! this just shits me, it does but then does not make sense at all!
    stupid stupid stupid!

  • So it that just a sting of dark chocolate?

    And an ice cream scoop of pasta? That’s what like a tablespoon and a half? As a whole serving? What maybe if you weigh 40kgs!

  • This is really poorly done. The only one that seems even remotely reasonable is the cheese one. My favourite is the beans. Don’t we all have those super efficient twirly bulbs now?

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