The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Razors

When a discussion about the difference between men’s and women’s razors broke out at Allure HQ, we quickly realised that none of us could actually describe what the difference was (aside from a higher likelihood of pink plastic in the women’s models). While either version will do the same fundamental shaving job, there are differences in terms of the shave angle and head design.

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Reader’s Digest investigated the question, and discovered that manufacturers typically change the angle and design the head so it’s easier to see large areas of leg (the most likely shaving target for women). The other obvious difference is in pricing, though that’s not as extreme as you might imagine and can work in either direction. Bic charges $5.86 for a four-pack of men’s razors, and $4.29 for a four-pack of women’s (at standard Woolworths pricing), which gives women the advantage. On the other hand, a 10-pack of women’s Schick costs $7.51, while an 18-pack of men’s from the same brand is $11.49.

Do you buy gender-specific razors, or just keep a big bag of disposables everyone can use? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Men’s and Women’s Razors: What’s the Difference? [Reader’s Digest]

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