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You wanted any hints we could give you about the iPad 3, details on price changes at Vodafone and Internode, and that whole generic medicine situation explained. Get Monday off to the best start by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Planning For Your iPad 3 Purchase
    With the iPad 3 all-but-confirmed for release next week, lots of people will be planning to grab themselves a shiny new chunk of Apple goodness. Others will be thinking it’s a fine chance to grab a discounted iPad 2. Here’s what you should be taking into consideration.
  2. All About Vodafone’s Phone Charge Changes
    After 15 months, Vodafone has effectively ditched most of its Infinite offerings and “simplified” its contract plans. In practice, that means far fewer “unlimited” deals and the need to add bolt-on data packs to many plans.
  3. The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Razors
    When a discussion about the difference between men’s and women’s razors broke out at Allure HQ, we quickly realised that none of us could actually describe what the difference was (aside from a higher likelihood of pink plastic in the women’s models). While either version will do the same fundamental shaving job, there are differences in terms of the shave angle and head design.
  4. What You Need To Know About Generic Medicines
    When you go to the chemist to get your prescription medications, the pharmacist will often ask if you’d like the generic version. When you ask what the difference is, he or she will usually say: “they’re exactly the same”. So you figure, hey, why the hell not? What you may not realise is that your pharmacist could have a financial motivation in dispensing generic medicines rather than branded medicines. Changes to the system are currently underway, however, and you’re set to benefit from them so long as you’re aware of your choices and how they affect you.
  5. Internode Changes ADSL2 Plan Prices
    In the first major product adjustment since it was acquired by iiNet, Internode has changed pricing on its ADSL2+ plans. Does that mean its pricing is now aligning with iiNet? Not yet.
  6. Dealhacker: Hunting Down Leap Year Sales
    Because February 29 only comes around once every four years, retailers use it as yet another excuse to hold sales. Here are the leap year sale events we’ve noticed.
  7. The Urban Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Know
    The fantasy of an impending zombie apocalypse may inspire urban survival fantasies in the most level-headed of us, but zombie apocalypse or not, knowing how to survive the breakdown of social amenities we take for granted is a legitimate skill. Here’s a look at the basic urban survival skills you need to know, catered to your skill set.
  8. How You’re Breaking The Law Every Day (And What You Can Do About It)
    You share music, rip DVDs, make Hitler whine about your first world problems and much more in the course of your regular online activities — and more often than not, you do these things without giving a thought to the fact that you’re actually breaking the law. Here’s a look at how you’re inevitably circumventing copyright law, and what you can do to protect yourself.
  9. Planhacker: NBN Price Roundup March 2012
    Telstra launching its plans means that there are now five companies vying for your custom if you’re in an area where the NBN is available. Planhacker covers off all the plans on offer.
  10. Windows 8 Is Trying To Kill The Netbook
    Whatever Windows 8′s virtues on a touchscreen device or a 17-inch notebook, there’s one clear lesson from the newly-released consumer preview version: there is no point in trying to run it on most of the netbooks on the market. And unless Microsoft outlines some plans to fix that pretty quickly, it is effectively conceding the netbook market to Linux or to oblivion.


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