Line Your Sink With Paper Towels For Instant Post-Shave Clean Ups

Cleaning up after a shave is a right pain in the bum. No matter how rigorously I rinse and wipe, there are always a few stray hairs that escape my notice (invariably to the vast annoyance of my wife). If you regularly find yourself in the same hairy predicament, here's a foolproof "hack" that will help to keep your sink sparkly-clean.

Before you start shaving, simply frame your sink with a few paper towels — and that's it. Any stray hairs that miss the sink will collect on the paper for quick and easy disposal.

The total cost in towels is around six or seven cents per shave, which is definitely worth it when you consider the time you'll save. Not to mention a marked drop in passive-aggressive comments from your partner and/or roommate.

If you're a total cheapskate, you can save money by setting aside slightly used paper towels for later. Tissues and toilet paper will also work in a pinch.

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    I resorted to shaving over the bath cause of the mess ill give this a go but my beard hairs seem to go flying when i trim them with the electric clippers (i've even had one stray hair shoot up and stick into the white part of my eye, that was less than pleasant). They need a clipper that also has a built in vacuum to suck up the hairs.

      That is an awesome idea. Patent it now!

        Kind of like this -

          Yeah like that but for your face.

        I always have lots of good idea for stuff, but someone must be spying on me Truman Show style, cause things often have a way of coming out.

        Besides i could patent it (though apparently it already exists), but it wont help it get made.

      This already exists. Made by phillips. I own one but it's vaccumm prowess is seriously lacking. I reckon it collects 30-50% of all the hair.

        They did a bad job advertising it, never seen that before, pity is doesn't work too well.

    shave in shower; problem solved. :)

      That only works if you're taking it all off (as opposed to styling) and don't mind shaving blind. Sure, you could rig up a mirror in the shower, but that requires even more effort.

        Well, this is Lifehacker, not Lazyhacker.

          I don't clean up after I shave =)

    What a waste! Not money wise, but landfill wise. This is earth unfriendly?

      See the bit about re-using old paper towels. Also, it's biodegradable paper. You probably caused more environmental damage sending that comment over the internet.

        Wow. Could you be more up yourself?

          He's not wrong, but the idea does seem stupid to me. I prefer the shower suggestion. I myself have a mirror visible from the shower, huzzuh.

        Your lack of understanding on environmental issues is stunning.
        Next you'll probably claim using paper towels is environmentally positive because it captures carbon...

    Easy hack. Follow the below steps.

    1. Visit your local hardware store and obtain paintbrush.
    2. Shave whatever you are shaving.
    3. Use to brush your hairs in the sink.
    4. Rinse hair down the drain.
    5. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire your handy work
    6. Leave paintbrush next to the sink.
    7. Answer your guests question of "Why do you have a paintbrush in your bathroom"
    8. Reply with "To get the paint out of my teeth"
    9. Laugh.
    10. High 5.

      Fantastic response. Also, what's so difficult about keeping a Chux under or beside the sink to wipe it down afterwards? Fast, cheap and environmentally friendly.

      If only it were that easy, clippers send hair everywhere a paint brush still doesnt get it all especially when your partner has the basin bench covered in cosmetics etc.

      Oh... Use hand to sweep up the hairs into the sink drain.

      No need to buy anything.

      Or... Masters give away for free massive plastic sheets for boot lining, get one and cut out a hole for the sink and place over sink each time you shave.
      Shake it into the sink and fold away for later use.

      Last edited 18/02/14 2:25 pm

    One could also find a new wife more tolerant to errant hairs in the basin?

    That's a good idea for the outer part, but what about the sink itself? You can't just shave, when wash the hairs down the drain. That'll clog the drain.

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