I'm Not Worried About Airport Body Scanners

News over the weekend that Australia will introduce body scanners at international airports is bound to stir up the same sort of controversy as the US introduction of the technology. Speaking as a frequent traveller, I don't give a damn.

The systems will be rolled out from July this year, and once that happens you won't have the option of requesting a pat-down instead. It's that detail that appears to be stirring up objections initially, along with the usual objections to measures that might not make any real difference to airport security. But those measures are a fact of life these days. Whining about them won't make me feel any better.

I experienced a TSA body scanner for the first time on my recent trip to the US. I made a slight idiot of myself by not standing still long enough initially — I hadn't clocked that the scan was going to happen — but apart from that it was extremely straightforward.

Given the choice, I would much rather do that than have to get patted down by some grumpy, underpaid security guard. I'm also conscious that the process of getting scanned is quicker, especially since it doesn't demand matching up the gender of the guard with the gender of the person getting patted down. I'm all for anything that makes getting through an airport quicker.

Yes, I know there's a theoretical risk that those images could end up on the internet somewhere. However, at this point, there's more than enough embarrassing material about me online anyway. I'm really not worried about infra-red shots of my junk joining the party, and the technology isn't meant to include that level of detail anyway.

So that's my take. What's yours? Tell us in the comments.


    So, do these pick up piercings, and what happens then? I've only ever flown domestically, and have never had an issue with the metal detectors & my piercings (I have somewhere around 20, although each one individually is very small).
    Can they tell they are piercings and not ... nano weapons?
    I really wouldn't care if they show on the scans, as long as they know what they are and that's it. I've had xrays done with most of my piercings still in (a lot of body piercings can't be removed) and am fine with them showing on things like this, but wouldn't be too happy if I had to actually, physically, show & tell...

    My biggest issue would be if I ever had to fly while pregnant. I know there are much more dangerous radio waves out there, but limiting your exposure as much as you can (even miniscule amounts) surely is a good thing...
    Have they been able to test, and categorically say that there is NO harm in going through these scanners at each stage of pregnancy?
    "The ‘millimetre-wave’ body scanners are perfectly safe" ......Innocent until proven guilty maybe?

    Why not have an opt out version??!?

      Informed or ignorant? http://www.change.org/petitions/anthony-albanese-stop-rollout-of-cancer-causing-airport-body-scanning-machines-in-australia

    Isn't anybody worried about the big picture here? Planes fall out of the sky ALL THE TIME and for NO APPARENT REASON! They should all be banned. Then we wouldn't have to worry about our our civil rights being microwaved.

      What did you mean "'They should all be banned'? Who is 'they'? Your post makes no sense.

      People who write in caps and shout at other people should get banned.

      Would you like a full cavity search every time you go into a supermarket or a train station?

    Is there a way to fight this new bill. Are there any petitions out or protests? What can the public do to stop these greedy people from taking away our rights and putting us in danger.


    This articles seems fishy to me. Who's paying you to try to change public opinion Kidman? You give in easily on one personal freedom and many more will be taken away before you know it...1984! You've been a reporter for a long time time, however I prefer to trust independant sources these days.

    Like a frog in water being slowly heated, it does not realise it is being cooked to death.
    Government security officers ordering people to put their hands up feet apart at their check points is traditionally a practice associated with martial law when a nation is at war and under siege.
    The war on terror is a war without end because no definition of success has and will never will be given because the power elite do not wish you to believe that public authority has any power over their authority. Your rights are being cooked to death, so ahead fools put your hands up in surrender!

    You should be VERY worried. See this to find out why: http://www.change.org/petitions/anthony-albanese-stop-rollout-of-cancer-causing-airport-body-scanning-machines-in-australia

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